Our Pastors

Dermot O'Mahony

Dermot was born in Limerick City and grew up in St. Mary’s Park (The Island). He is now married to Marie, and they have 3 beautiful children. Growing up, becoming a pastor was not even a thought in Dermot’s mind. Up to the age of 20 he would have considered himself a ‘traditional’ Catholic. He made his communion and confirmation just like everyone else, but never made his faith personal. Through a few key events in his life, he began to see the Jesus of the Bible in a new light and developed a passion to help people grow in their faith and understand the Bible.

Dermot attended Bible college and worked at a church in the U.S. for 5 years. Seeing a need in Limerick among many who had come from a similar background to his, Elevate Community Church became a reality in 2012. Dermot’s passion and desire is to create a safe place for people to ask questions about God and faith. His desire is that people would see that God makes a real difference in day-to-day life, a difference that brings purpose and meaning to a person's life.

Justin Gearing

Justin is married to Laura and they moved from Phoenix, Arizona to serve God in Limerick City. Justin grew up in a Christian home and attended Bible college in California. He worked at a church in America as a pastor for 7 years before making the move to Ireland in 2012 to help Dermot start Elevate. He is passionate about helping people discover the real Jesus, breaking through many of the traditional barriers and bad experiences that often keep people from seeing the Jesus of the Bible.

Justin enjoys music, sports, and community involvement. He loves seeing faith impact families, and enjoys working with children and parents to live out their faith. His greatest fulfillment comes from seeing people’s faith lived out in a way that makes a real difference in their communities, their church, and their families.