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Welcome to Elevate! 


Thank you for visiting our website! Elevate welcomes people from all backgrounds and walks of life, regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey.

We are a group of people that desires to be a community who serves Christ and displays that by serving those around us. I want to invite you to come to Elevate, and discover the joy of being in a loving community and experiencing a personal adventure with God.

-Dermot O'Mahony

First time on our website?

We are so glad you have taken the time to check us out and see what we're about! We know you have access to thousands of incredible churches all over Limerick, and the world, so we are honoured you have taken the time to check in with us! We are a group of people who love Jesus and want to see Him known. We take our faith and the gospel serious, but we try have a laugh at everything, especially ourselves. 

There is a lot of information on this website for you to look at and explore, but how much can you really get to know someone from reading about them, or watching a video? If you would like to fill in a Contact Form and let us know a little about you, we would love to connect with you, we can set up a phone or video call. And don't worry, you are not signing up for, or committing, to anything by sending us your information, we just want to reach out and let you know you matter.

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About Us

We are a group of people who believe life is an adventure. We are not about mere religion or a specific denomination; we are about introducing people to the adventure that a life with Christ can bring, and then challenging and encouraging them to live a life of significance. We want to be an Irish church that is known for its service to you and the city of Limerick. We don't want to be a church that talks the talk, but a church that serves people.

Do you have some serious doubts about Christianity? Even more doubts about church? Not sure you could fit in, or are afraid lightning might strike if you show up? Join the club.

Seriously, Elevate is made up of people who, not long ago, felt confused about where they stood with God and could never picture themselves as part of a church. We don’t know your journey, but want you to come as you are. Bring your doubts, wear whatever you want, and you don’t even have to put on a fake smile if you don’t want to.

Our Team

Elevate is made up of dozens of volunteers, which allows us to reach so many people each week with the good news of Jesus. It would be impossible for us to post every person who makes an incredible contribution each week. So we have added the staff who oversee all of our volunteers. 

  • Laura

    Laura leads our communication and administration. She makes sure people are connected, and those who reach out to us are connected with the right people. Laura has a wealth of experience in managing events and organisation. She loves to see people be connected with others and Jesus.


  • Justin

    Justin leads our small groups and our online streaming and recording. He also makes sure that people who want to be involved and connected with people from Elevate are - whether that be from all over Limerick or beyond!  His experience and passion for people to come to know Jesus is reflected in his commitment to making sure those who want to be linked in with Elevate are connected.


  • Marie

    Marie leads our kids ministry. She keeps our kid's area looking fresh & welcoming. With a background in teaching, she works alongside our volunteers to ensure that kids are safe, meeting other kids their age &, most importantly, learning more about Jesus and His love. Marie loves to connect families together, giving them great resources and coming alongside parents to give the kids a fun and caring way to learn and grow in Jesus.


  • Dermot

    Dermot leads the overall ministry at Elevate. His passion is bringing God's Word to life and helping people apply it to their everyday lives, always keeping in mind that people are coming from all different backgrounds and upbringings, to point them to God's truth. Dermot's experience from leading and working at churches, while not actually growing up in church himself, has given him a particular passion for people who didn't grow up in church.


Our Partners

Elevate is part of such an amazing community of people and organisations that make up the Church. We partner with some financially through the generosity of people at Elevate, and we partner with all in prayer by lifting them up and seeking God's will and the Holy Spirit's guidance for them.


It is exciting to see how God moves in Ireland, and around the world, to grow his Church. We are proud to come alongside our partners and see God use them. 

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