Staying Connected

There is no doubt that this global crisis has turned a lot of people's lives upside down. Normal routine and things we have taken for granted in our daily lives have been postponed for an uncertain season. Elevate has been connecting with local health officials and following their recommendations on how we should proceed. 

If you are new to Elevate, you will notice we have moved all our services, small groups, and events 100% online, using technology to our advantage to help people stay connected with each other, and of course, God. We are absolutely committed as a church to do this as long as needed to make sure we stay on mission to grow in Jesus, and reach our city for him.

Elevate is going nowhere, and we are growing stronger in Community, in Connection, and in Christ.

As soon as health officials allow, we will be meeting physically together again. Until then, let's serve and honour God the best we can in our homes and communities.

Below are some things you can be doing as an individual or family during this time to help stay healthy, both spiritually and mentally.

Our New Normal

While you've been adjusting to your new normal at home, we've made a few adjustments as well. 

Our weekend services are available exclusively

online and on demand.

We've created digital resources for parents as well

as online and online group options for children.

Dermot would like to communicate with you during the week, if you're not currently receiving emails

from Elevate, sign up now!

If you have needs or prayer requests,

we want to know!

Things To Do on Your Own or with Others

If you are at home, set a regular time to get up. If you are working, set a regular time to go to bed! 

Do something PRODUCTIVE every day - Clean a room, re-organise your wardrobe, get to that task you never had time to do.

Do something FUN every day - Watch a fun movie, play a game, look at memes! Whatever you find relaxing and fun, do it for a time.

Do something SOCIAL every day - Connect with someone on the phone or a video call. Check in on a family member or friend, check in on someone you know doesn't have a lot of family or friends.

Read GOD'S WORD every day - Connect with Jesus and pray. Allow him speak to you and meditate on his words. Take advantage of this quiet time to really hear him.